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During the present situation and in line with UK Government guidance, Max Fire will continue to operate a full service to our customers.

We currently have two organisational priorities:

• Working with partners to ensure those in our community most at risk are kept safe.

• Ensuring we manage business continuity to continue to deliver our duties and provide our services to our customers.

Both of these priorities may require us to restrict and adapt our operations, protection and prevention work and apply additional health and safety control measures and we will monitor.

We have put in place some additional proactive measures to limit the spread of the virus to our staff, visitors to our premises and the communities we serve.

• Max Fire Services Ltd activity will continue as normal.

• Staff are regularly updated on the changing situation as decisions are made and a section has been set up on our intranet as a source of the latest advice and guidance.

• Posters are up at all premises reminding staff of the guidelines around hygiene and handwashing

• As of 23 March, our intention is to install wall-mounted hand sanitisers and signage at all entrances of every office. This is subject to availability of sanitiser products, but we are doing all we can to work with suppliers to secure stock. The advice of Public Health England to the public is to ensure that hand sanitisers contain at least 60% Alcohol to be effective at breaking down the ‘envelope’ of a virus. All Max Fire Services employees have been provided with bottles of hand sanitiser which is 80 percent alcohol. All staff provided with face masks / hand sanitizer.

• Following the UK Government’s announcement on 16 March, we are advising all staff that can do so to arrange to work from home and we are cancelling most face to face meetings and non-essential training courses.

• Our IT systems are set up so that remote working is not an issue and all managers and members of corporate support teams have access to Skype teleconferencing facilities and in line with UK Government guidance have been advised to work from home where possible.

• We have cancelled our public access to our premises until further notice.

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