CAVRA PRESS RELEASE. Press Release 4/2020

CAVRA Civil Aid Patrols.

The CAVRA Team have being carrying out visual patrols along the coast and rivers throughout Cardiff and the Vale of Glamorgan areas.

The aim was to provide additional “eyes” on any potential “Hot Spots” across the area, with the aim of preventing, or assisting in any water related drowning activities.

A team of 2 Swift Water Rescue Technicians were in the vehicle, with other team members “On Call” if required.

There are 7 team members qualified as Swift Water Rescue Technicians (SRT’s), with 3 trained as Swift Water Rescue Boat Operators (SFRBO’s), and 3 trained in Rescue from Vehicles (RfV).

Thanks to grants from: Max Fire Ltd, Future Safety Ltd, and Western Power Distribution we were able to carry out these much needed safety patrols.

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