Standard Size Body Bag


  • Size 235cm x 98cm
  • Made from 580gram PVC
  • Welded construction
  • Full length zip or envelope zip to customers requirements
  • 6 off 25mm webbing handles

Heavy Duty Body Bag


  • Size 150cm x 230cm
  • Welded construction
  • 8 off handles
  • Reinforcement 50mm webbing
  • Envelope type zip

FFP3 Mask

Mask that filters out 97% of bacteria and dust. Is easy to carry with a flat fold design.

They are hygienic and skin friendly, made of disposable material.

Infrared Thermometer

The Infrared Thermometers design is simple and elegant.

It can measure accurately without contact, making it cleaner and more sanitary.

It has very good adaptability to environmental changes and can be used in complex environments.

It will also register when the users measurements exceeds 37.5 degrees Celsius by sending out a continuous beep.


Body Bag

Rivet Reinforced handles Blue Woven PE

Material: PEVA
Dimensions: 92 x 230cm

Feet Covers

Feet Covers – 100 per pack.

Paper Tissues Pack

Paper Tissues Pack 50 PCS PER PACK

Protective Safety Goggles

Protective safety Goggles for Medical, Safety Glasses with clear, Anti-Fog Design High impact Resistance. Perfect Eye protection for lab, chemical and Workplace Safety.

Reusable Forehead Thermometer

Reusable Forehead Thermometer

A range of Forehead and Anaesthesia Temperature Indicators for the healthcare sector.
Liquid Crystal technology for the measurement of clinical temperature trends in the healthcare environment.
These liquid crystal thermometers are reusable and designed for use on the forehead area only and are an ideal way to estimate the core body temperature and check for temperature changes. Unbreakable, quick reading device to be used between clinical thermometer readings and to monitor trends.


White Coverall Gown

The white cover gown, also known as a splash-White Coverall Gown. Provides a barrier and protection for medical staff to contact potentially infected patients’ blood, body fluids, secretions and the particles in the air.

CE Certified, waterproof and all stitching taped seamed.


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