Rapid Response Shelters are an Inflatable Tubular Framework which supports a canopy.

The inflation is a “Once-Only” Operation and does not require a constant source of Air, which means there is no requirement for constant use of a Power Source and Fan.

The floor is made from P.V.C. coated nylon and is attached to the framework and can be made removable at the Customer’s request.
Removable doors are fitted to both ends of the shelter as standard. If required, the complete end-section can be removed to provide total access to the interior of the shelter.

Guy Ropes are strategically positioned around the frame of the Shelter to allow it to be anchored securely to the ground. Alternatively, Guy Ropes can be secured to convenient strong points, such as Trees or Heavy Vehicles.

Anchor points are also positioned around the external skirt, for staking to the ground. Ballast, such as sandbags or water containers can be placed on the skirt whenever the shelter cannot be fixed to the ground.

Available in a number of sizes:

Type 9 – 3.0m 3.0m 2.4m – 40Kg when stowed
Type 12 – 4.0m 3.0m 2.4m – 60Kg when stowed
Type 16 – 4.0m 4.0m 2.7m – 75Kg when stowed
Type 20 – 5.0m 4.0m 3.0m – 100Kg when stowed
Type 25 – 5.0m 5.0m 3.0m – 115Kg when stowed
Type 36 – 6.0m 6.0m 3.0m – 140Kg when stowed
Type 51 – 8.5m 6.0m 3.0m – 170Kg when stowed

Rapid-Response Shelters may be used in varying situations, both as temporary or semi-permanent buildings

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