The Max Fire Rescue Sled is a portable, rapidly deployable, inflatable craft that can be used in either swift water rescue or used as wading transport for casualties or flood victims.

The Sled is inflated with a BA cylinder. It is equipped with safety valves and separate inflation points. It has a self-righting strap and ‘D’ rings for tethering. It comes complete with ‘T’ handle paddles and a carrying valise.

The ends of the craft are up-turned with an open floor to allow the craft to be manoeuvred over a casualty while the casualties head remains above the water at all times. This design also allows the craft to be positioned end on to a weir, or similar water outflow, without being flooded or overturned.

It is suitable for use at incidents involving water, mud, ice and snow and is capable of being towed behind a motorised craft.

There is a Safety Valve and Inflation Point for buoyancy tube.



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