Water Driven PPV Fan


The object of a PPV fan is to provide effective ventilation that will remove heat, smoke and toxic gases away from fire fighting personnel during operations.

The Typhoon water turbine range is in use throughout the world. Highly effective on the fireground and dependable in operation, the Typhoon is a lightweight and cost-effective piece of high quality equipment that can save vital seconds, where speed of rescue is crucial to improving the chances of survival.

The Typhoon Water Turbine range offers a safe solution where flammable gases or liquids are present.

Key features :
Lightweight aluminium frame
Strong thermoplastic shroud
Comprehensive tilt control
Anti-static characteristics – ATEX approval certification EXII 2GD cIIC T6(80°C)
Misting nozzle(s)
Drain valve
Range of inlet/outlet connections available – ISO 2.5inch BSP, NST 2.5inch, Instantaneous type, Storz type



PPV Direct Driven Fan


The object of a PPV fan is to provide effective ventilation that will remove heat, smoke and toxic gases away from fire fighting personnel during operations. The Typhoon petrol range from Renz is in use throughout the world.
Highly visible on the fire ground and dependable in operation, the Typhoon is a lightweight and cost-effective piece of high quality equipment that can save vital seconds, where speed of rescue is crucial to improving the chances of survival.

Key features:
Electro polished stainless steel frame
Retractable handle and pneumatic tyres for easy manoeuvrability
Strong thermoplastic shroud
Angle adjustment –17 ~ + 20 °

Exhaust gas tube adaptor
Hard-wearing vinyl cover
Water pipe spray
spiral duct
foam adapter



Combination Filter Strainers


Combination Filter Strainers providing a strong, durable and lightweight filter unit.
The Combination Filter Strainer replaces the need for a separate Strainer & Wicker Basket. The double layer construction filters media to 1mm² providing excellent pump protection from water debris, whilst maintaining high flowrate performance.

Combination Filter Strainers are manufactured polypropylene from stainless steel strengthening rods, providing non-rotting and anti- rust properties.

The woven construction delivers a high strength unit, with high impact resistance.

Filters are maintenance free and simply washed down after use to clean.



Scotty Firefighter Products

Max Fire are the UK distributors for Scotty Firefighter Products.

In 1952 Blayney and his wife Almeda Scott started a small company in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada that pioneered the use of plastics in the manufacturing of salmon fishing lures and other marine products.

From humble beginnings, Scott Plastics Ltd. has evolved to produce thousands of products under the Scotty Trademark which are sold into the fishing, marine, outdoor and firefighting industries worldwide.

In this time the Scotty trademark has become recognized to mean one thing – product excellence.

The total commitment to quality, fair pricing and unmatched service means our customers everywhere can expect reliability and satisfaction from every product that carries the Scotty name.

Scotty Firefighter


SAVA Rescue Products

Max Fire are the UK distributors for SAVA Tech HazMat and Rescue Products.

SAVA are a division of Savatech d.o.o. within the Trelleborg Group. They manufacture and sell rubber products for environmental protection and rescue operations and industrial use.  The growing division was established more than thirty years ago and is constantly striving to meet our customer’s current and future needs and expectations.

Max Fire are able to provide any product from SAVA Tech, coupled together with Max Fire support, all your rescue needs are a one stop shop when you deal with Max Fire.


Rescue Catalogue


Haz Mat Pipe Catalogue

Rescue Stick


Lightweight, extendable rescue sticks to increase the reach of personnel engaged in rescue/retrieval operations.
The design incorporates a rugged 3-section handle with a simple and efficient independent clamp lock between each section.

Features include:

  • Glass fibre construction offers inherent non-conductivity and anti-microbial properties.
  • Compact easily transportable rugged design for operation in the field.
  • Quick deployment from storage to full extension.
  • Over 4.5 metre reach.
  • Highly visible design for use in low light conditions.
  • Hook design ideally suited to hook/lift/ drag applications.


Rescue Stick Specifications

Weight 1.5 Kg
Length (Stowed) 1895 mm
Length (Fully Extended) 4670 mm
Hook Width 82 mm
Hook Length 120 mm




Water Dam


Fire fighting water tanks provide fire fighters with needed water in remote locations, forest, or rural areas where the demand for water can exceed the available municipal water supply.

Portable fire fighting water tank can be easily transport, set up and fill in remote locations. These water tanks have open top, fire hoses can be placed directly into the top for fast filling. Water tanks can be used to source pumps and other firefighting equipment. Water trucks have time to refill the portable water tanks while firefighting efforts are still underway.



Hex Water Tanks


The WATER-HEX range of hexagon water storage dams are designed to provide easily stored and rapidly erected strategic reservoirs for fire-fighting operations.

Capable of deployment and use on gentle slopes and uneven ground, the WATER-HEX is inflated using an air-pump or compressed air supply and as soon as inflated it is ready to receive and store water.

There are a range of standard capacities from 3,000 to 10,000 litres. Larger and custom built capacities can be built to order.

Standard build includes 2 x 4” BSRT male suction connectors which can be readily connected to an outlet valve assembly or can enable the tanks to be linked together to form a larger reservoir. The interlocking nature of the design means the tanks can also offer blast-wall type protection in appropriate circumstances.

Units can be fitted with 2½” instantaneous n.r.v.’s for filling if required, but a standard lashing strip is provided for securing a length of fire hose over the side of the tank.

Units are supplied c/w a valise for storage and transport and a groundsheet. All tanks also come
complete with a 4 psi relief valve for safe operation.

Model Reference Capacity










Pack Dims


WHX3000 3,000 1000 2472 2141 42 95x60x45
WHX5000 5,000 1000 3146 2725 55 100x70x50
WHX7000 7,000 1000 3212 3708 65 100x70x60
WHX10000 10,000 1000 4346 3764 69 110x70x50



Chimley Backpack


Key Features

  • CAPACITY  22 lts
  • DIMENSIONS ;- 24”H x 20”W

The Max Fire backpack is designed to be a simple , portable reservoir for water and/or foam concentrate (class a or class b). It provides the wearer with a safe comfortable way to carry liquids used during fire operations.

The backpack system consists of an outer shell with a removable inner bladder.

The outer shell is made in a high-visibility yellow, ballistic nylon fabric and is extremely durable and UV resistant.

The backpack comes with an ultra comfortable shoulder harness system. It uses high strength nylon webbing for the fully adjustable shoulder, sternum and waist straps .

The high–visibility yellow colour allows the scotty backpack to stand out through smoke and foliage.

Each backpack has a 4” wide filler port with lid and a standard ¾” garden hose thread for an outlet.

1- 4” filler port with debris screen ( removable ) , water tight lid   ( screw cap ) with o-ring and anti-loss retaining strap.

2- internal , removable 6 gallon bladder.

3- standard ¾” garden hose thread outlet port . Location ; 3” from bottom centre.

4- 2” wide , padded nylon webbing shoulder straps with accessory loops.

5- waist belts can be rolled up and stored in onboard pockets .

6- spine protecting centre padding.

7- a sternum strap with quick release buckle on ¾” wide nylon webbing connects across the chest .

8- hand pump pocket on the left hand side for easy storage.

9- double zippered extra equipment storage pocket with clear label window ( allows for display of crew name and number ).

10- a carry handle made from 2” wide nylon webbing is located on the top of the bag.





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